Four Fast Facts about Creating

by Charlotte Purvis "opens" today. It’s not a replacement site. It's not an updated version. is my first website. As a consultant and speaker in the Internet age, how could that be? 

Blame it on my clients. They are responsible for nearly 100% of all my new business. With their referrals and repeat business, my client list grew over the years and I was proud to say that I didn’t need a website. I convinced myself that I could be that one consultant who could say at retirement, “I never had a website.”

Well, that all changed when I learned that some speaking opportunities were out of the question because I had no website and no "content" on the Internet. A former client commented that without a website, it was going to be tough to continue making referrals. And some people didn't seem to be impressed when -- with no website -- all they had to refer to was my bio and testimonials as PDFs.

A turning point was when I started dreaming of having my own site. A first step was to start two notebooks – one with bright ideas for my website design, another with topics for blog posts.

Then one day in March 2017, I went online and started a trial account with Squarespace. (I’ll share more about the process in future blogs and in my presentations.) In celebration of the opening of, here are four fast facts: 

1. With no previous website design experience whatsoever, I created my site myself. Yes, I jumped right into Squarespace. I created and deleted lots of pages, I listened carefully to the feedback from my consultant Meghan, I attended Squarespace webinars, and I stayed true to my desire for the site to reflect my brand. I know this is predictable but I’ll say it anyway: If I can do it, you can do it.

A tip for others with no design experience: Learning how to create graphics at helped prepare me to create my website at Squarespace. 

2. Creating the site was a positive experience. After working through my website resistance, I was surprised to learn that the design process can be fun, challenging, cathartic, and (often overused word) empowering.  

3. While creating the site, I started to feel like a designer. Especially when I selected the colors, fonts, and images…when I personalized the site with a map showing Tuscaloosa, Alabama, my hometown…and Bascom Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, my alma mater. I’m still beaming after finding the photo of the church pews that take me back to my early years in my beloved Elizabeth Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa. 

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4. Creating my own site has created a desire to inspire others to do the same. I didn’t see this one coming. After having such resistance to websites, it is surprising (in a good way) that now I want to share the experience. I have notes, before-and-after examples, and lots of lessons to share. I look forward to inspiring people to create the websites of their dreams.

Are you thinking of creating a website? Or updating an existing site? How about sharing your fast facts with us?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Banner photo: Unsplash