Six months, six developments

by Charlotte Purvis

It's been six months since launch: I am still super-excited to have a website and I'm glad I built it myself. I was late to the party when I launched my site in May 2017 but that’s okay -- built at Squarespace was well worth the wait. Here are six highlights from the first six months:

1. The response has been great: Family members, friends, clients, mentors, former students, and colleagues have shared their kind comments about the site. It was quite rewarding to learn that people were inspired by the site and enjoyed visiting. A former client in the UK says that when she visited the site, she felt the same welcome that she experienced when we met in person. Mission: Accomplished.  

2. Referrals are even easier: One of my former students wanted to recommend me as a speaker for the Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange event in Durham, October 2017. It was a proud moment when I could refer her to the website -- she then shared the link with her colleagues and submitted her speaker request through the website. I don't want to think about what that process would have been like prior to May 2017, especially that I was still sending my bio by PDF since I had no website address to share with potential clients. 

3. I continue to update the site: In the first six months I had some inquiries about my Customer Service programs but had not yet featured the programs on my website. With my website branding and all the foundational elements that my consultant helped me with, this was a relatively easy task. It's great to have the flexibility of promoting the services or not promoting them on the site. The best part is that if I disable the page, it remains intact on Squarespace and with one click it becomes visible again.  

4. I'm able to help my clients with their sites: Thanks to my experience, I have been able to support my clients with their website issues. I'm a part of the development teams, offering suggestions about all aspects of their sites. My comments would likely fall flat if I didn't have a website of my own. Oh, the fact that I not only have a site but that I built it myself has been duly noted by my clients.  

5. My sob story had a happy ending: If someone inquired about my website prior to May 2017, I didn't have an "answer" -- I had a story to tell. It was mostly explaining and complaining and even I tired of it. Two of my mentors were perplexed -- it just didn't seem possible that I didn't have a site. The wait is over and I appreciate all the well wishes about my new website. I still enjoy visiting the site as it is a reflection of who I am professionally and what's important to me as a business owner.

6. Breaking news! I've been invited to speak about my experience: This is a dream come true. The Reading Public Library (Massachusetts) is hosting a program for entrepreneurs and they have invited me to share the lessons I've learned from After sharing the lessons (and some levity), we’ll open the discussion so the entrepreneurs may share their website insights as well. I’ve prepared program handouts including a list of resources for their future reference.

That's the latest from Is it time for you to have your own website? Or to take your current site to the next level? Would you like for me to share my website insights with your organization? I look forward to hearing from you.