Client relationships: A priority
One of our top priorities is to develop, nurture, and maintain relationships with clients. It is a privilege to be of service to some of the best clients in the world. 

Please call with your questions -- or just to check in
Yes, even with all of the "new" ways we can communicate, I still enjoy speaking to my clients on the telephone. Feel free to call me (or send a note). I look forward to staying in touch. 

Questions & Answers

1. Is there room for new clients?
Charlotte Purvis: Absolutely, there is room for new clients. Please call or send a note so we may discuss your goals. 

2. What if you're not available on our event date or don't cover our topic?
CP: My business has been built on referrals and I enjoy making referrals as well. I will gladly suggest another speaker, a speaker service, or consultant. Plus I or someone on my team will follow up to hear your feedback about the referral.

3. We have a big idea but a small budget. Can you work with us?
CP: I have a great deal of understanding about situations like this. In order to give back to the community, over the years I have presented no-fee and low-fee programs. My suggestion is to contact us and I will either accept the invitation or we will recommend another speaker for you. Thank you kindly for your understanding. 

4. I want my team to enroll in the online course but have limited funds.
CP: I really really want teams to take Conquering Critical Conversations together. Just send us a note and we'll gladly arrange for your team to register at a great rate.

5. Tell us about your relationship with Perfect Balance.
CP: I'm blessed to have the support of Jessie Bennington and the team at Perfect Balance. They provide professional services in support of my business and life: Project management, program development, accounting, administrative services, and more. Please visit the Perfect Balance website to learn more about the services the team offers for your home, business, and events.  

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