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  • Keynote speaker on business communication and leadership development

  • Customer service strategy, training, and coaching programs

  • Business communication skills: Email best practices

  • Strategies for success with recent college graduates

  • Leading organizations through critical conversations

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Featured program
Conquering Critical Conversations in a Corporate Setting

Overview: Pop quiz
Can you relate to any of these scenarios? 
A. Instead of having a critical conversation, you are delaying once again.
B. You had a critical conversation and it didn't go so well.
C. You've been told that you need to develop your skills in this area.
D. All of the above.

Did you select "D"? If so, you're just like other leaders who share this "secret." They dread critical conversations and the results are both physical and mental. 

Why did I develop a program on Critical Conversations? I noticed a trend among my clients: Even when I was brought in to help with, let's say, leadership skills or change management or team development, somehow the real work was around critical conversations. As clients became more adept at having these conversations, their leadership skills soared. It was as though they broke through a barrier and were no longer stressing over what is a necessary skill for leadership excellence.

It is a privilege to help clients prepare for these conversations and to offer this information to your organization. 

Ideal audience
1. Managers with direct reports
2. New managers
3. Senior leaders

1. Half-day presentation
2. Half-day presentation + 1:1 sessions
3. Webinar + 1:1 sessions

What you'll learn and experience during the program
1. Definitions and examples
2. Why we delay in having critical conversations  
3. Three compelling reasons to have the conversation right away
4. Words to avoid when beginning the conversation
5. The S C O P E (TM) Approach that I developed  
6. Practice and team activities
7. Discussion about new expectations for leaders


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