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Agree or disagree?

1. Athletes are leaders. They represent your school or organization.

2. A top skill for their success is communication.

3. A communication program will benefit the athlete, the team, the school, the organization.

It's a big-time missed opportunity if we let these awesome young people leave our schools and organizations without additional communication training. The conversations I've had with athletic leaders and stakeholders confirm that they agree.

As with any new initiative, finding the right time and and the right people is critical to success. Communication Fitness (TM) is a solution. 

Program offerings to select from
1. Kickoff for the Athletic Leaders  
1.5 hours

2. Leadership and Communication for Team Leaders  
1 hour

3. How to Talk to Your Teammates about Tough Topics
1 hour 

4. Interviews: Talking about Wins, Losses, and Other Stuff  
2 hours

5. Executive Summary for School and Athletic Leadership  
1 hour

6. 1:1 sessions with Athletes

7. 1:1 sessions with Athletic Leaders

What the athletes will learn
1. The top skills for success and the urgency to focus on them now
2. How to manage interviews after wins, losses, and when stuff happens
3. With communication, if you're all in, you win  
4. How to have critical conversations with teammates
5. Tips for building a communication brand and crushing it on all levels

Please call and let's talk about how to push past the barriers and make this program available to the athletes in your program (and the coaches, too).

Working with Ms. Purvis has helped me in so many areas. In reference to coaching, her methods for team building helped as soon as I introduced them to the team.

For the communication skills, I asked the team to select our motto — that’s something we’d not done before. I was encouraged to have the players identify their strengths and for me to focus on specific areas of development during each game.

This technique had the biggest impact on my team. They started to find ways to win even if the scoreboard did not reflect an actual “win.” We focused on skills and we also focused on their mindsets and re-evaluating what winning really is.

Ms. Purvis and her program taught us how to win.
— Charles | High school football coach

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