Program offerings

  • Benevolence Ministry, design and implementation
  • Workshops on church leadership development 
  • Communicating with your congregation: Verbal, written, online
  • Inspirational messages for graduations and special occasions 
  • Leading church organizations through critical conversations 

Featured program

Yes, Church People Can Have Critical Conversations
(and remain in good standing)

A church leader makes an inappropriate comment. No one says anything to the church leader. An issue is brewing on the leadership team. No one brings this up in the monthly meeting. Several people left the church over an issue. They did not provide feedback to the leadership. 

Why do church people avoid having critical conversations? What do they do instead of having these conversations? And what are the consequences of not having these critical conversations?

This workshop will be delivered at your church, lasting 2-3 hours. As a bonus, all program participants will be granted access to the online course as well. 

Ideal audience
1. Church administrators
2. Church leaders in managerial roles
3. Ministry leaders

What you'll learn during the program
1. Definitions and examples
2. Spiritual principles related to critical conversations
3. Why it's such a challenge for church people to have these conversations
4. How to have the conversations and remain in good standing
5. Benefits of having the conversations and the new expectations of leaders



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