NEW | The Corporate College Classroom

One of the best experiences of my career was having 40 awesome college students in my class and flipping the classroom to create a corporate setting. The students quickly became "colleagues," developed their communication and leadership skills, and benefited from my front row seat in corporate settings. They continue to rave about this experience. 

This is a new offering. It's been my pleasure to talk about the Corporate College Classroom with the administration, faculty, and First Year Experience team at Saint Augustine's University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Let's explore an opportunity to present this program on your campus -- in the interest of student success and career readiness. 

Ideal audience
1. New (and experienced) faculty members
2. First Year Programs
3. School of Business faculty
4. TRiO Program faculty
5. Faculty members with corporate experience

Presentation options
1. Keynote address
2. Faculty development
3. Faculty Institutes
4. Training and transfer of intellectual property (semester) 
5. Administrator presentations

For more information
1. Listen to the testimonial from a dear student
2. View the presentation
3. Please call us to discuss options for your campus

Student testimonial

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